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   Stage One Tuning is something that just about every rider has done to their new bike. But what is it? According to the technical guys at Harleyworld in Chesterfield, where I bought my current Harley Davidson T-Sport, it is the first stage of bringing a standard production model to life.

   A standard bike is restricted by government ‘Construction and Use Regulations’ in terms of its performance and also in the emissions (exhaust gases) that it gives out. These regulations are enforceable by Monsieur Plod.

   Exactly why the establishment would want whisper quiet motor cycles on the road is beyond me. The fact is that dozy car drivers never see you coming….. so you might as well make them HEAR YOU COMING!

   So Stage One Tuning is a safety measure. It helps you to help them hear you coming. It also brings your standard Harley-Davidson back to the performance it was designed for and gives the engine that classic, head-turning sound.

   This is the rumbling roar that has gives you the grin factor when you gun through the narrow streets of some sleepy little town after dark. You know the sort of place. Where nothing ever happens and people sit behind their net curtains watching TV and waiting to die while you and your mates are out on the road having fun.

   But back to the technical stuff. Stage One Tuning will fit a high flow aircleaner kit, which gives a typical increase of 15% over standard. After that is fitted a dynojet kit carburettor model. If you have a fuel injection model a scanalyser is downloaded to balance the air intake to the exhaust output. Finally, to finish the job comes a set of exhaust pipes to send your new-sounding bike rumbling down the road.

   And when you have Stage One Tuning done - keep hold of the standard production pipes. You’ll need them when the time comes to put your bike through its MOT.

   Until then, get your motor running, head out on the highway and….


   Paddy ( credit for original idea for this article goes to HarleyWorld of Chesterfield. )

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