our Mick
‡Mick 6-11-2019‡

Mick's Funeral arrangements :

12th Nov, Chambre de funeral (D107 Bussiere-Poitevine)

8.15 leave 9.15 arrive 10.15 service 10.30

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Deeply sorry to realise we have lost 'one of the goodguys'. Mick was a gentleman and very talented individual. Our heartfelt condolences to Adie and the Brothers. Catch you in the Wind. Dreamcatcher and Littlepony
Jon and Jan Scotland
- Tue Apr 28 20:10:21 BST 2020

sad to hear of Micks passing. Condolences to Adie and all the family. Your airborne wings came in handy Mick old friend Utrinque Paratus.
- Fri Nov 29 22:49:01 GMT 2019

My deepest Condolences to Adriana and the whole family. R.I.P. Mick
- Mon Nov 25 17:23:32 GMT 2019

RIP Mick, it was a pleasure to have known you.
- Fri Nov 15 06:45:40 GMT 2019

Mick....it's been a pleasure knowing you.....RIP....'RIDE IN PEACE' ❤
Jill Oldham
- Thu Nov 14 15:33:31 GMT 2019

My deepest Condolences to Adie and the whole Family.We will miss you. R I P Mick
- Tue Nov 12 10:15:44 GMT 2019

Onze gedachten zijn bij jullie. Liefs Mirjam en Pat xxx
Mirjam Steurbaut en Pat
- Tue Nov 12 08:46:46 GMT 2019

R.I.P. Mick It was good to know you, we will all miss you. My deepest condolences too adie and head high
- Tue Nov 12 06:59:35 GMT 2019

Another good man gone R.I.P. Mick , deepest condolences Adie,deepest respect ...
- Sun Nov 10 13:15:15 GMT 2019

Heureux d'avoir partagé tant de bons moments avec toi, maintenant nous veillerons sur ADIE soit tranquille RIP
- Sat Nov 9 20:17:42 GMT 2019

R.I.P. Mike. My deepest Condolences to Edie and the whole family
- Sat Nov 9 11:42:57 GMT 2019

R.I.P. Mike. Ride Free My deepest Condolences to Edie and the whole Family
- Sat Nov 9 11:16:08 GMT 2019

Really sad to hear ,, great old style biker and friend ,, passed away, our deepest condolence to wifey and his family R.I.P Mick
Rauly & Sabine XXX
- Fri Nov 8 15:37:07 GMT 2019

Bad and sad news... A fine man gone. Ride in peace Mick. Strength for family and friends.
John MostWanted - HDC Breda
- Fri Nov 8 12:10:29 GMT 2019

A quietly spoken big bear of a man, no better brother ever walked amongst us. He was devoted to his loving wife Adriana who was by his side right to the end. The years he had with Adriana were too short but they were the happiest days of his life. I will miss you every day brother. Un de les Trois Freres.
Paddy Dodgson
- Fri Nov 8 08:48:48 GMT 2019

A true gent it was a pleasure to have known you. Ride free Mick.
Linda & Dave x
- Thu Nov 7 21:47:57 GMT 2019

Michael it was a privilege to have known you, a real gentleman. R. I. P
Marion Loughran, La Ferriere France
- Thu Nov 7 18:51:53 GMT 2019

A great personality sadly gone.have a safe ride to the other side Mick. We will mis you at the next party's. Big hugs to adie.
Luc en Ingrid
- Thu Nov 7 18:17:31 GMT 2019

I am very glad to have met you again in Breda.You will never forget.R.I.P.Mick Thinking of you Adie
- Thu Nov 7 17:08:04 GMT 2019

Glad to have know you will be sadly missed r.i.p mate
- Thu Nov 7 15:04:24 GMT 2019

Rest in peace Mick, a true gentleman, You will be sorely missed xx
Brian and Zoe
- Thu Nov 7 14:43:25 GMT 2019

What a great loss,we will miss you Mick.
Susie & Andy
- Thu Nov 7 14:22:12 GMT 2019

l'ensemble des membres de HDC la Grotte aux Fous est peiné en ce triste moment, nous pensons très fort a toi et ta famille, RIP Mick 😢
Jean-Philippe secretary Grotte aux Fous
- Thu Nov 7 12:30:09 GMT 2019

R.I.P. Mick. It was a great pleasure to meet you. Ride free... see you on the other side. My deepest condolences to Adie and the whole Family
Harry from Holland
- Thu Nov 7 12:08:48 GMT 2019

R.I.P. Mick. It was a great pleasure to meet you. Ride free... see you on the other side. My deepest condolences to Adie and the whole Family
- Thu Nov 7 11:59:37 GMT 2019

Mike, my husband, my friend, my lover, my guide, my heart, my soul, my world, to say "I will miss you" will never mean what I feel, with every minute that passes my life without you falls deeper in to the abyss. Your love held me together. Keep checking your mirrors my love, I'm still there to the ends of the earth. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Wifey. Xxxxx
- Thu Nov 7 10:50:38 GMT 2019

A friend is gone, but we will never forget him. We will miss you Mick.
Birgit and Ralf
- Thu Nov 7 10:09:16 GMT 2019

Sad news an wonderfull man is lost for us Ride in peace My deepest condolences to all the family and friends
- Wed Nov 6 22:29:47 GMT 2019

The wings of a spirit have touched us all we do not need to explain it we just live it, You leave us only for now but we will ride again together .R.I.P. my friend till then.
- Wed Nov 6 20:51:14 GMT 2019

So sad.it was always a pleasure to share your company RIP Mick
John & Ang
- Wed Nov 6 20:36:36 GMT 2019

Lost a good friend! We will miss you, next time we ride forever!
Mike and Ruth
- Wed Nov 6 20:21:00 GMT 2019

R I P Mick keep riding your bike You will be missed mate
- Wed Nov 6 20:20:56 GMT 2019

Thinking of you Adie ♥️ Rest well Mick ♥️ ride safe my friend "Total Respect" xxx
Angie Babes xxx
- Wed Nov 6 20:09:09 GMT 2019

Adriana... words are hard to find but know that we are thinking of you in these difficult days ... hold on to the beautiful memories ... RIP Mick and drive free forever
Ziggy x Martine
- Wed Nov 6 19:33:37 GMT 2019

Great man Great loss. Will miss you mate
- Wed Nov 6 19:28:07 GMT 2019

A pleasure to have met you mick. Ride safe lot,s of love Brian and zoexxx
Zoe and Brian.
- Wed Nov 6 19:18:13 GMT 2019

Great man. He will be missed. Ride save mick
Glenn and tash
- Wed Nov 6 19:11:17 GMT 2019

Fine man, a great loss. A man of great "weight".
Ian & Doth
- Wed Nov 6 18:52:33 GMT 2019

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